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Floor & Wall Tiles

The Tile Depot Ltd has top quality choices of floor and wall tiles for your home. Floor tiles for the kitchen are some of the most durable to withstand the inevitable wear and tear from foot traffic, dropped utensils, and spills. You’ll also find tiles that work well for your bathroom, laundry room, entryway, or patio floor. We have stone mosaic, black mosaic, ceramic and porcelain tile options. Wall tiles are available for backsplashes, bathroom and kitchen walls, fireplaces, and other architectural structures. Choose from our wide variety of models to match your style and functionality preferences.

Ceramic & Porcelain

The Tile Depot Ltd offers durable and elegant ceramic and porcelain tiles. Glazed in various unique patterns from light feathering to marble swirls, our tiles can be attractive and functional. Porcelain tiles are a great fit for a smooth, clean look in solid, matte finishes. These tiles can be installed in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and more.

Thinset & Grout

The Tile Depot Ltd carries thinset mortar products, which can be applied by the customer at home through our easy instructions. Grout is a construction material used in masonry walls, pre-cast concrete, joint sealing, and more. Grout from The Tile Depot is a mixture of water, cement, sand, and color tint. We carry varieties for flooring, resin, non-shrink, structural, and thixotropic uses.

Tools & Accessories

The Tile Depot Ltd also has tools and accessories to assist you in your home remodeling products, such as grout saws & scrapers, trays and buckets, trowels, dremel attachments, ceramic combo tools, mixing tools, and more. We also carry accessories to complete or add to your tiled areas including shower curtain rods, towel hooks, and accent tiles. Talk to our expert team to find out if we have a specific tool or accessory available.

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